Welcome To EastWest Bodywork & Massage Therapy

EastWest is located in serene Frisco, Colorado. Surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, EastWest is a tranquil escape where RELAXATION and HEALING unite. EastWest provides a truely unique bodywork and massage experience in Summit County. Unparalleled dedication to enhancing whole body health through the highest quality bodywork and massage await you. 


Excellence in therapeutic massage is achieved through experience and understanding. Each persons' body is remarkable in its' own way and should be cared for with knowledgeable touch. Your session will be tailored to your specific needs. Relieving pain and tension, strengthening your body's natural ability to heal and calming your mind to create a sense of well-being are the primary goals at EastWest.


EastWest was founded on the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience exceptional touch therapy. EastWest provides extremely reasonable rates to encourage regular visits that aid in maintaining optimum health.


Your comfort is of the utmost importance at EastWest. All sessions are provided in private and professional atomosphere. Come in to encounter the extraordinary difference at EastWest Bodywork and Massage Therapy.