Amy DeDecker is the owner & therapist of EastWest Bodywork.  Amy became Certified in Massage and Reflexology by the The Academy of Natural Therapy in 2003.  She has continued educational pursuits in anatomy and physiology, cervical spine pain management, sports massage, foot & ankle rehabilitation, muscle release techniques and soft tissue mobilization for relief from such disorders as frozen shoulder or sciatic nerve pain. 


"You'll often hear me say "Keep your body moving!" because our bodies are built to be beautiful in motion.  Pain & restrictions reduce proper form & function, as well as build up a tolerance and ignorance of potential long term damage.  I know from personal experience...event training schedules, house projects, work, insomnia, anxiety, colds, crashes, pain, posture management, weekend warrior syndrome, injury recovery...sound familiar?  Massage has brought awareness and balance to my life.  It works at a cellular level to reconfigure and communicate messages within the body for increased function and performance.  It can be relaxing...but also offers so much more as a potential health benefit when added to your regular wellness goals."


Amy understands and participates in the varied, active, outdoor life Colorado has to offer.  She feels so blessed to have continued to cultivate a very loyal clientelle, not only from Colorado, but from coast-to-coast.  Let a true professional with a healing touch guide your body into a more comfortable dimension for a more comfortable life.